Friday, March 20, 2009

Das Boot

Here's something silly. It seems like y'all are concentrating on boot times these days. Boot in 20 seconds! no, 15 seconds! no 10 seconds! But first, you need to answer me this question:

Why the fuck do I care?

Seriously, when's the last time I cold-booted my desktop? Uhh, a month ago? My laptop? ummm, three weeks ago? Oh, but I really wish I saved 10 seconds back then. I could have gotten a couple extra jerks in this month.

Or, is it that we're moving toward a Linux where the kernel updates every 30 minutes? So, if you want to stay on the train, then you better optimize your rebooting.

Those of you who still think boot time is important, go find your friend with a Mac. Ask them to show you how the desktop is back up even before they finish opening the lid. Ask them how many times a year they explicitly choose "Shutdown". Now multiply that by the number of seconds they could possibly save with a faster boot, and compare that total with the time they could save by not listening to your freetard come-ons.

The sad truth is, boot time hasn't mattered to most of the world's computer population in a long time. S3 sleep solved that problem. Perhaps this is Linux's totally awesome way of solving the same problem by ignoring existing technologies.

Think about your phone. When's the last time it booted? My blackbery takes minutes and minutes to boot, and yet nobody cares. Should RIM spend more time optimizing a process that happens maybe once every 6 months, or work on bettering their battery life, which affects me every day? Hmm, that's a toughie. Let me ask some freetards for some advice.

The only place where boot time kinda matters is for these bolted-on-the-side Linux firmwares like splashtop and such. But even then, who cares if I can get to a crippled desktop in 5 seconds when I could resume my suspended useful OS in just as much time?  Oh, but this is where Linux EXCELS. I mean, it's open source, so you can totally strip out all the features and BLOAT that you don't need, so that you can boot faster.

Hey guys, I have an OS that boots in like a nanosecond. It's called GRUB-OS. It even has a text editor, just hit "e". Pretty sweet huh?